Grief, Loss, and Bereavement

Have you recently experienced the death of a loved one? Are you navigating the loss of a relationship, job, or other part of your identity? Perhaps you are coping with anticipatory grief for an impending loss. Equipped with extensive training and experience in grief, loss, and bereavement, I can support and walk beside you as you process through how to live each day in a changed world.

Coping with Chronic and/or Life-Limiting Illness

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a serious illness? Are you searching for ways to create lasting legacy and meaning making with your loved ones? Are you seeking a place to process through losses and disease progression? With my specialized palliative care training, I will mindfully and compassionately walk alongside you on this path, providing learned guidance from many others who have walked a similar path.

Moral Distress and Burnout

Are you a health care provider or first responder? Are you feeling emotionally depleted, frequently distressed, or unusually detached from your work and personal life? I will provide you a space to process through your unique clinical and workplace experiences, as well as their alignment or misalignment to your morals and values in your professional role and personal life. Together we can cultivate moral resilience.

Life Transitions

Have you recently undergone a significant life change? Has this impacted your personal identity? As roles change, individuals often experience exposure to many new ventures and undertakings coupled with many micro-losses. Together we will explore how these losses are resulting in your current distress and process through the new stressors that have surfaced.

Worries and Communication

Have you been feeling anxious, frustrated, or hopeless? Do you struggle to communicate this with others? Have you noticed that communication challenges are inhibiting your ability to find joy? Together we can explore the root causes of your struggles and identify strategies to assist you in living your most authentic life.

Grief Groups

Find support in a group setting from others who have also experienced the death of a parent.